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Specializing in College Advising

Experience, Reputation and Results Count!


Why ?

cillege kids
When the start of a lifetime career begins with choosing the college
that fits the needs of a student,
WHY would a parent leave the journey to chance?

When a student needs direction and support to make good choices,
WHY not get it from an experienced, caring professional?

When there are thousands of colleges and universities to choose from,
WHY not learn about the ones that are right for your student?

When essays show the character and ability of your student,
WHY would you not seek professional assistance to make them
stand out from those of other applicants?

WHY miss the opportunity to attend a college or university
because the student missed a deadline?


Make the first right choice. 

Let Elaine Wyner, M.Ed. advise your family
so that your student is presented to college
in the best possible way. 


Acceptances are her goal and the norm....

Experience, Reputation and Results Count!