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For students in the South Florida area, one-on-one meetings are usually held in the Boca Raton office.  Elaine will arrange meetings to fit students’ schedules, such as athletes, and those who work.  Appointments can be made whenever school is not in session.  Accommodations to meet will be made when students have responsibilities that cannot be missed.  Flexibility is important, as senior year is filled with activities, exams, and various other commitments. Applying to college and taking standardized tests adds to students’ already busy schedules.

Face-to-face meetings can also be arranged by Skype, email, text, and  phone, Elaine will meet personally with each student regardless of their geographical location.  If on-site meetings are not a convenient communication preference, students can choose to combine their meetings with Internet connections.  Many students are out of the Boca Raton, Florida area, and choose to use Skype for their regularly scheduled meetings.  Writing and editing conferences also can be facilitated electronically through the Internet.

Elaine’s college advising students have resided in all counties in Florida, the New England States, Mid-Atlantic States, Southern States, the Bahamas, South America, and Europe. They have all been successful in their college planning and application process. Her students apply, are accepted at, and attend colleges and universities in all United States and Europe.

Elaine Wyner