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The College Planning Process

Meeting on a regularly scheduled, on-going basis beginning with Grade 9 students throughout high school,
      including students starting or continuing the process in the fall of senior year who need to
      determine and finalize college selections and for essay assistance.

❖ Communicating with parents for their personal input and for

     making “team” decisions with each student. 

❖ Assessing student’s past transcripts, standardized testing scores, and community

     and school involvement with suggestions to strengthen them.

❖ Choosing the most challenging, yet most academically appropriate curriculum throughout

     high school for each student to be successful and achieve a strong transcript
     of grades and courses for college application submission and review.

❖ Giving individual attention to special interests and abilities of each student

     by suggesting ways to help build upon them for a strong resume.

❖ Making personal college selections to meet each student’s needs, desires, abilities and

     career goals for a well-balanced, appropriate list of colleges and universities

❖ Establishing a time-frame for practice, planning strategies, and scheduling dates for taking the SAT and ACT

❖ Meeting frequently for writing conferences, organizing, and editing written work for

     dynamic personal statements, supplemental essays, and short answer.

❖ Editing for all drafts and all final essays to make them grammatically and expressively excellent for application submission.

❖ Assistance with completing the on-line application and meeting deadlines for Early Action, Early Decision, and
     Regular Decision.         

❖ Advising students on choice of mentors for required application recommendations.

❖ Preparing students for college interviews.

❖ Helping families plan college visits and tours.

❖ Evaluating offers of college admission and developing a strategy for wait-list and deferral decisions.