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Early Guidance Programs- 9th & 10th grade

Designed for freshman and sophomores who want to ensure their academic and extracurricular programs lead to a successful college application process before the spring semester of the junior year. With his or her family, the student meets with ERC to create an action plan that covers course selection, recommendations for improved study methods, in school and summer activities and organization tools. The student works closely with the counselor throughout the school year to solve academic problems, refine and update personal goals, while receiving support and motivation.

Comprehensive Guidance- 11th & 12th grade

These programs are designed for a student who wants to build a relationship with the ERC counselor and needs the assistance to cover multiple aspects of the college admissions process. After the Initial Consultation, a counselor will guide and support the student in the following areas:

    • Identify the student's passions and interests, and create a plan to develop them. 
    • Provide a thorough explanation of the student's record from the perspective of a selective college board of admissions.
    • Evaluate the student's academic and extracurricular history-including transcript, test scores and create academic and extracurricular plans.
    • Pinpoint academic areas where the student could benefit from additional attention and institute new study methods to improve the way the student relates to school, teachers and studying.
    • Discuss circumstances and/or personal issues, which have affected academic and personal history, and solve those problems.
    • Create a one-year strategic plan including calendars for testing, recommendations for coursework, activities, summer experiences, community service and internships.

All comprehensive guidance programs are customized for the student's individual needs and will complement services offered by his or her school counselor. The following programs differ on the amount of time needed to prepare a student's applications to colleges

A. Three Spot Program
Six 90-minute sessions: three scheduled during junior year and three during senior year. Also, there are 20 minutes of weekly non-scheduled correspondence time.
*Recommended for students who need help refining specific elements of the college search process or the college application.

B. Four Spot Program
Eight or twelve 90-minute sessions with 30 minutes of weekly non-scheduled correspondence time during junior and/or senior year.
*Recommended for students who need help with academic planning, college search and completing college applications.

C. Five Spot Program
Time: Eighteen or twenty-four 90-minute sessions, with 60 minutes of weekly non-scheduled correspondence time.
*Recommended for students who need additional time above and beyond the Four Star Program. Students who fall into one of the following categories should consider the Five Star Program.

    • Applying to multiple competitive schools
    • Considering schools with complex application processes that require many written statements such as: personal essays, short answer responses and writing samples.
    • Require extensive help conceptualizing, drafting and revising personal statements
    • Want to incorporate additional supplementary materials to demonstrate their unique talents (i.e. artwork, science abstracts, writing and music samples)
    • Hope to be considered for intercollegiate athletics
    • Need to explain special circumstances (e.g. learning differences, emotional hardships, unique family circumstances.)

Other Programs for Seniors

D. Six Spot Program: Summer Senior Sessions
This comprehensive program for rising Seniors includes one-on-one counseling, essay and application assistance to help seniors get ahead of the curve. These sessions can be conducted in-person or over email, phone and fax correspondence. 

E. Application Assistant
Designed for the student who only wants to work on their applications and does not need much guidance and support in other areas. He or she will be able to work on the Common Application plus one additional non-Common Application of their choice in an eight-week time span.

F. Application Review
For seniors who do not need guidance and support in other areas, a counselor thoroughly evaluates all aspects of the college application prior to submission. This preliminary assessment will help identify any problems, omissions, inconsistencies, unanswered questions, etc. that may hinder a student’s chances of admission. The counselor will review all findings and make suggestions for improvement with the student and his or her family.

G. Essay Writing Assistant
An ERC counselor will work with the student in-person and by telephone, email, and Skype. While we do not write essays for students, we do make detailed suggestions for content, structure, style, tone, vocabulary and spelling. We review, comment and correct subsequent revisions until the student and counselor agree the essays are in optimal shape for submission.

H. Athletics Program
The Athletics Program is designed for student athletes who plan to compete inter-collegiately in NCAA Division I, II or III. This program combines athletic recruitment with college admissions counseling. An ERC counselor will interview the student and his or her parents to clarify needs and goals, evaluate the student’s competitive athletics history by reviewing videotapes, solicit coach evaluations, analyze performance statistics, observe the student’s playing skills first-hand, assess athletic goals, explain the role athletics will play in the admissions process, match the student with the appropriate athletics level (Division I, II or III), assist in preparing the Athletic Portfolio and highlight reel, guide the student in obtaining letters of recommendation and discuss college options after acceptances are received.

Please email us at or call at (561) 487 - 5057. It is our pleasure to answer any questions you might have about college admission in general and about the benefits of hiring a private college counselor.